Eat My Shit

yeah, yeah, i know it sucks

All I Can Say Is…






YES!!! I’ve waited a long time for this one and it doesn’t disappoint. ” Neptune With Fire” was awesome but this is some otherworldly shit.





Been a long time, Cousin.


I’ve waited for this for quite a while and at last i have it and I’m loving it more than i ever possibly could have imagined. so with out further adieu…..MARIACHI EL BRONX!









Here you have it folks. New album from Psyopus.


Pantheon of the Lesser


Here it is. The brand new long player from Ocean. See the previous post for more information on them. How about we just let the doom wash over us.


DOOOOOOM! (Lesbian/Ocean Split 10″)


At long last i found you! This thing is harder to find than a blonde asian (no disrespect to the asian people or culture…just sayin’)! I won’t keep boring you with what I think. I’ll let this thing do the talking. If you’ve heard of these bands then you know you want this. Hell, you need this. So click away you doom junkies. I hate to see you all tweaking so badly.

Here is some reference material.




Enjoy! And a thank you would be much appreciated.


Leech – The Stolen View

Leech is AMAZING!! This is like the soundtrack to some incredibly epic, and artsy movie with dialogue in some ancient, long dead language. I can’t believe that this little known band from Switzerland isn’t giant right now. Especially with all the hype and hoopla around Explosions In The Sky, and Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Granted, I love both of said bands, and with good reason, they are innovators and frontrunners of the genre but, GODDAMMIT MAN!!! these guys are closer to usurping the throne of post-rock than any other band I can think of right now. Leech has previously released three, count ’em, three full lengths prior to The Stolen View, which by the way are impossible to find on the webbernet. SO….IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS GOT ‘EM, HOOK ME UP!!!

Download The Stolen View

Robotosaurus – Sayra Bahk Vol. 1 & 2


Boasting former members of a number of fellow Australian bands including Love Like…Electrocution, Robotosaurus create quite a racket down under. Combining elements of grind, hardcore, slower sludge elements and even death metal (more so in the vocal department). Probably the most prominant thing about these two EP’s that jumps out at me are the guitars. With a somewhat unique at times riffing style and a particularly grating tone, these songs definitely demand some attention. Volume one of the two part series has the shorter, more chaotic tracks, where as Volume two concentrates more on longer, slower, almost stoner like passages. Standout track on Volume one: Blood Trade. Standout track on Volume two: the near sixteen minute closing track No Refuge. Pretty promising stuff if you ask me, as it kind of took me for surprise never hearing of these guys prior to this. However, only being their debut I am very interested to see where they take it from here.

Download Sayra Bahk Vol. 1: Last Refuge Of The Exiled Man

Download Sayra Bahk Vol. 2: Trifornais